"Bianca? Do you wanna build a snowman? 

Come on let’s go and play!

I never see you anymore, come out the door it’s like you’ve gone away! We used to be best buddies, andnow we’re not, I wish you would tell me why! So you wanna build a snowman? It’s doesn’t have to be a snowman.”

"Go away Nico."

"Okay, bye."

A crossover of Frozen and PJO, in which Nico sings “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” to Bianca after she joins the Hunters (this is way before he gets the super shaggy hair and eye bags, so he’s still the innocent nerdy kid we all love). I apologize for the super sloppy animation, (and please disregard the fact that the door disappears after frame 1). It loops, so frame one starts from Nico knocking the door, then everything else follows.

I actually did the animation to visualize my crossover…. YOLO